Senegal Dakar Garmicaga Ministrial Office Building

With the last bucket concrete pouring being completed, the Senegal Dakar DIAMNIADIO Ministrial Office Building site saw a long festive firecrackers to declare  A, B building of the project were successfully completed. Owner ENVOL Chairman, project manager Wang Jietao and team members all witnessed this exciting moment. The project will officially enter the decoration and outdoor engineering construction stage.
Chairman of the owner ENVOL said he was impressed by the speed of the project progress and the excellent site construction management, and WITEC has proved its strength with real actions.The project is WIETC's first project in Dakar, it is the premise and basis of ENVOL and WITEC to open the Senegal market, so it is not only an image project, but also a quality project, must adhere to the quality standard. Project manager Wang Jietao said that the project team will continue to work hard to ensure engineering quality and construction period and deliver a satisfactory project.
A, B building began construction since January 30, 2017 and completed on March 25, 2017, which lasted 55 days, ahead of schedule and won the satisfaction of the owner.
Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd.
ADD:No. 16, Tongyi Road, Weihai, China