Kenya Nakuru road project

In the joint efforts of domestic and foreign related departments, recently, Kenya Zhengwei company successfully won the bid for Nkuhlu road project.
Nakuru road project has contract period of 30 months, also includes 36 month maintenance period. The total contract price of the project was about 18 million US dollars, including laying 12 asphalt roads, totaling 22 kilometers. The project includes the excavation of the existing soil roads, the laying of new grass-roots and surface, roadside drains and other construction content.
It's an upgrade project for the city road, located in Kenya's fourth largest city of Nakuru (Nakuru), about 160 km from the capital Nairobi, the project around on both sides of the highway.
This project is the company's first road project in Kenya market, and it is an important milestone in Kenya project market development. The implementation of the project will help to further enhance the company's influence in the Kenya market, and enhance market competitiveness.
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