Japanese Translator (work visa)

Japanese translation
1. salary
Basic salary: 170000 yen.
Personal salary: 50000 yen (N1 license and subsidies)
Total wages: 220000 yen.
2. bonus
The summer and winter bonuses: 1 times each (the amount is about basic wages, one month does not contain personal wages)
In the first year of June the agency is not included in the bonus, so there is no time to send bonus.
3. other
The transportation fee: according to the regulations of the company
The assignment fee: normal ticket office left by our burden
The employment R: 9:00 ~ 17:45 (interval 1 hours)
I work for the duration of the work will change
The holiday: in accordance with the company (calendar year about 108 days)
4. business content:
The assistant management trainee
Work & production technical department (such as daily production and input files into documents, etc.)
5. Enrollment Requirements
The gender: Female
The age: 25 ~ 35 bits
The Japanese language proficiency test qualified N1
Bachelor degree (4 years).
We have office experience
I have C1, 2 license.
I can skillfully use EXCEL, WORD and other office software.
5. place of work
Later Japan Saitama
Contact number: 0631-5280685
Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd.
ADD:No. 16, Tongyi Road, Weihai, China