New Zealand construction work visa

Job description:
I. Basic requirements
20-45 years of age;
Type: Construction carpentry, joinery (built in carpentry, cabinet assembly), bricklayers, ceramic tile industry, Pihui kitchenware industry, stone industry, Aluminum Alloy doors and windows, the excavator driver;
Two, experience requirements
Overseas construction projects for more than 3 years work experience and proof: the old passport (with visa); work certificate; assignment of contract; according to the work site; residence permit; foreign bank card water; foreign insurance
Japanese architectural trainees: Research certificate; employer's letter of recommendation (work certificate); old passport (visa); work picture; bank card flow; wage card; residence permit;
Domestic construction industry employees: more than 3 years of work proved; corresponding to more than 3 years of social security certificates; wages account flow; personal income tax certificate; contract; work photo, etc.;
Three, treatment
Working hours: 50 hours per week;
Salary: not less than 18 dollars per hour, more than RMB 13000 yuan per month;
Contract period: 3 years of work visa, the contract period is 2 years, can renew the expiration;
Accommodation: meals are 50-80 dollars a week; accommodation is 115 dollars per week;
Family members, 6 months after entry, may apply for family members to accompany workers.
Four, foreign interview: first through the video interview, confirmed, the employer directly to China interview skills
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