Registration of Israeli construction services commences

Weihai International Israel Project Registration Notice
       According to the early we through the WeChat platform, the company official website, QQ, telephone and other channels reserved information, our company will be April 26 in Tai'an, Linyi set up registration office for everyone to apply for registration, please prepare the relevant materials Go to registration.
      1, this registration is only registered in Shandong Province registration of personnel registration; outside the province of Shandong and Weihai around the registration staff will be registered after the May 1 registration, the specific time and place to be notified.
      2, preparation materials: no criminal record, ID card, account of this (my parents and parents), skills certificate (if any), passport (if any) and other documents and a copy of the original, 2-inch photo 8;
      3, time: April 26 at 8:00 am
      4, Tai'an registration place: Weihai International Company Tai'an Service Center (Tai'an City Longtan South Road, No. 217-8 Hongxing Meikai Longnan, the original vocational technical school)
           Contact: Zhaojing Li: 13853826115
      5, Linyi registration place: Weihai International Corporation Israel Construction Services Recruitment Office (Yinan County Public Security Bureau is opposite)
           Contact: Nijing Li: 18963105533
      6, inlaid workers, plaster workers should bring their own operating tools

 Shandong Province and Weihai around the registration staff, will be registered after the May 1 registration, then notify the registration time and place.
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