Israel Construction Project Notification

Members are willing to go to the workers:
    At present, the two governments have signed the Agreement between the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel on the Recruitment of Chinese Workers' Short-term Work in Specific Industries in the State of Israel and the Implementation of the Short-term Work on the Recruitment of Chinese Workers in Specific Industries in the State of Israel Rules (construction industry) ". In accordance with the agreement and the spirit of the rules, candidates should register before reading, and must be aware of the following:
First, the project implementation agencies: China Foreign Contractors Chamber of Commerce
    Project Operation Company: Four pilot companies in China (China Shandong International Economic and Technical Cooperation Corporation, Weihai International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd., China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhonglan Overseas Employment Service Co., Ltd.)
    Recruitment: "pilot stage" the first batch of Chinese workers to recruit about 6,000.
  Registration channels: Candidates can choose the four pilot companies (only one) to register or directly contact the company registration, in addition to the four companies, any other companies and individuals are not authorized to operate the Israeli project.
Second, the candidates need to meet the following basic requirements:
1. Chinese citizen, male, 25-45 years old;
2. did not work in Israel, no immediate family members (parents, spouses, children) work and live in Israel;
3. No crime and bad credit records;
4. Physical and mental conditions can adapt to high-intensity outdoor work in the construction industry, including aerial work, under Israeli climatic conditions;
5. Health and the following chronic diseases: tuberculosis, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS or other diseases, including mental illness can not fulfill the work of the disease;
6. Type of work: woodworking (industrial building mold, wooden mold, must have the ability to read the construction plan); steel bending (must have the ability to read the construction plan); floor and wall tile laying;
Third, the project treatment
1. Basic salary 5200 Shekel / month, special deposit fund 710 Shekel / month (deposited in the immigration office for workers to open the account, the contract expires before returning home), overtime pay, holiday work wages in accordance with the Israeli construction sector collective Protocol standard.
2. Contract period: 3-5 years.
Fourth, the project operation process
1. All meet the basic requirements of the project staff to participate in the first round of the database 75% of the screening.
2. Selected 75% of the staff to participate in the skills test
3. Skilled test qualified person to participate in physical examination
4. Physical examination qualified to participate in the second round of the database 90% of the election.
5. The selected 90% of the staff signed the relevant contract.
6. The contractor to apply for a visa to go to procedures.
    Fifth, the cost of labor personnel to bear
1. Service fee paid to labor service company: not more than 1000 US dollars or equivalent to 3677.42 Shekel's RMB (about 7,000 yuan).
2. Round trip to international air tickets
3. passport fee, no criminal record to prove notary fees.
4. Domestic transportation, accommodation
Six, labor service personnel to provide real and effective information
The service personnel who are applying for the project must provide real and effective personal information to the pilot operating company. If all the losses and consequences caused by the provision of false information are the responsibility of the labor service personnel.
    Please go to work with the staff to seriously confirm the above matters, to raise awareness of risk prevention, guard against the legitimate rights and interests damaged.
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